Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I log in to my service?

For Professional Service, use

For custom workspace plans, you log in to your account through your group’s subdomain:

If you don’t know your group’s subdomain, ask you system manager or contact us through the Help Desk.

For professional service users When you log in to your account, you will be redirected to your dashboard. From there, you can begin your data search, create reports, or collaborate with users in your network.

Are there any restrictions to how I may use my reports and results

No, although news organizations must provide attribution to The Pharma Report/Stino LLC as stipulated in the terms of service.

If you want to download all the tables in the database, you are free to do so, in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating the database, so your reports will need to be refreshed. The reports you create are snapshots. So, if you share a drug shortage report with someone who is not a member of The Pharma Report Professional Service, it will be out-of-date. To get up-to-date data, you need to check the database. You may not share raw data with non-members of The Pharma Report.

Terms of service may be updated. Please make sure you refer to the latest version.

I am not tech-oriented. Will it be difficult to use the service?

No. The Pharma Report database was designed for non-statisticians to use. You simply search the database by any variable. When table results are displayed, check the items that you want to keep. You then have the option to convert the table results into easy-to-read reports, which you can save, share or print.

Aren’t these data available elsewhere?

Yes. Much of the database is built around publicly available data. We provide a platform that brings together disparate datasets that you can easily navigate. In addition, our instant reporting and collaborating tools add tremendous value. They turn the data into actionable information.

The Pharma Report is much more than a database. It is a complete decision support platform.

How much does the service cost?

See Price and Plans.

For multiple users and/or private workspaces please contact Sales

How am I billed?

When you set up your account, we will provide you several options for making payments. Invoices are sent electronically.

For existing users: Manage your billing Here

How do I pay?

Payment will be arranged with your dedicated sales professional. We can set up payments electronically.

How do I cancel?

For individual users, submit this form. Your service will be deactivated within 72 hours. You will not be billed again. For groups of more than one user, you will be contacted by us to ensure that all user accounts are properly disabled.

Who can see my reports, documents, messages, etc.?

You are able to set privacy settings when you create and share documents. Only users in your workgroup can see your collaboration documents.

Other members of your network will be able to see and contact you through the workspace. Members of other networks will not be able to access your workspace, and therefore will not be able

You can share reports outside of your network through the PrintFriendly button.

Your data are stored on our servers. In order to provide excellent customer service, our administrators have the ability to access any account and view documents associated with that account.

We do not enter your account or workspace without notifying you first.

What about patient privacy?

You are not allowed to put patient data in your workspace. This may be a violation of federal laws, punishable by jail time.

It is the responsibility of users to comply with all laws.

The Pharma Report only provides product data and tools to utilize that data.

We highly encourage your health system to craft a policy on using The Pharma Report.